• Artwork:Ininti Seed Necklace
  • Artist:Leonie Campbell
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Ininti Seed Necklaceby Leonie Campbell

The necklace is made of Gum nuts, Acacia seeds (small brown seeds)

and Ininti seeds. Firstly, the Gum nuts are lacquered, then designs which are associated with Aboriginal Iconography are created using bright acrylic paints.

Necklaces are traditionally worn by both men and women in rituals and ceremonies focusing on sexuality and fecundity. The string or hair that the necklace is made from is of equal importance because it symbolises the relatedness of a people and families in particular. When the necklace is worn it represents part of the land and connects the wearer to the land.

  • Artist:Leonie Campbell
  • Title:Ininti Seed Necklace
  • ID:LC0902036
  • Medium:Ininti Seeds
  • Size:41 cm
  • Region:Alice Springs, Central Australia


Leonie Campbell is unique artist. She specialises in jewellery making, which is also an important part in Aboriginal culture.

Each necklace or bracelet is comprised of gum nuts, acacia seeds and Ininti seeds. Leonie explains that the Gum nut seeds are collected while they are still green, they are sorted, cleaned, dried and then drilled or poked using hot wire to make a hole to tread through the string.  Using acrylic paints she decorates the gum nuts with Aboriginal symbols and patterns, which can have multiple meanings referring to the dreamings. The painted gum nuts are then several times lacquered with high gloss.

Leonie Campbell's fine craftsmanship is featured in the beautiful illustrated book called "Art On a String".

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