• Artwork:Burnt Wire Goanna
  • Artist:Marcia Alice Panangka
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Burnt Wire Goannaby Marcia Alice Panangka

Aboriginal men and women in central Australia carve animals from dry wood they find or tree roots they have dug up. They often use the roots of river gum or mulga. They use the shape of the wood to make models of animals. Some sculptures are plain, while others have patterns and symbols relating to their Aboriginal culture.

The Aboriginal artists make the sculptures beside the camp fire. They put a piece of fencing wire into the fire. When it is hot, they burn designs on the wood.

  • Artist:Marcia Alice Panangka
  • Title:Burnt Wire Goanna
  • ID:MA1002157
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:25 cm
  • Region:Titjikala, Central Australia


Marcia was born in 1960 at Ltyentye Apurte in central Australia .

Marcia moved to Titjikala (formerly known as Maryvale) when she married and has raised two sons. Marcia previously was attached to the Keringke Arts Centre at Ltyentye Apurte, producing silks and artworks. Marcia's work is characterised as fine dotting and circular designs.

Marcia and other artists that make wooden artefacts and sculptures collect the roots from of certain trees found growing around Titjikala. The wood is cut using an axe. Often the animal carvings are decorated by the women using wires heated in the camp fire until red hot. They then burn patterns and designs onto the sculptures.

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