Aboriginal Bush Tucker & Education Art


All Aboriginal art is educational by nature. In painting Dreaming stories, Aboriginal artists are passing on important knowledge relating to religion, law, medicine, geography, history and the location of food.

Aboriginal art and paintings give us a glimpse into this traditional, spiritual and physical life. By learning to read the works and recognising the symbols, we can gain a greater understanding of one of the longest living cultures.

Central Art recognises the keen interest in Aboriginal culture and offers a variety of affordable Bush Tucker Paintings that illustrate everyday way of life. We have a series of affordable pieces by Aboriginal artists such as Rachel Nambula illustrating the variety of bush tucker that the women gather from the desert and these are an excellent introduction for children to learn to ‘read' a painting.

Central Art encourages customers to see beyond the decorative or aesthetic level of Aboriginal art. By gaining an understanding of the context and meaning of Aboriginal art, buyers are able to gain a deeper appreciation not just of the works but of the culture of Aboriginal people from Australia.

In the harsh deserts Aboriginal people were able to find a wide range of foods ranging from seeds, vegetables, fruit, vegetables and small insects. They also knew where to find underground water systems. They recall this knowledge generation after generation by retelling Dreaming stories relating to food gathering, water locations and specific plants used in traditional medicine. When they paint these stories on canvas as public art, we are given access to thousands of years of local knowledge.

Traditional Aboriginal people still perform ceremony to re-enact stories relating to their origins, the topography of their land and their laws and these are represented in many of the Awelye body paintings and the Tingari Dreamings.

Bush Tucker Paintings make excellent gifts for overseas people interested to know more about Aboriginal Culture.

Aboriginal word glossary