Framing Instructions for Watercolour Paintings


Watercolour paintings might seem delicate, but with the right frame they can endure for decades to come.

Watercolours (and all works on paper) should be framed under glass. It is worth investing in good quality picture glass which will protect your artwork from climate fluctuations and UV light. For longevity, consider conservation glazing or museum glass. These are expensive options but they will protect your image from fading for many years.

A mat which sits between the picture and the glass will protect the image from moisture damage while adding an extra layer to train the eye to the beauty of your artwork. You might select a colour which picks out certain elements of the work. If you prefer to go without a mat you can use a 'frame spacer', hidden under the frame. This will make sure that air circulates in the frame and protect the work from moisture damage.

Watercolours are not generally mounted but rather tacked onto an acid-free paper backing with appropriate adhesive; this is so the work can retain the natural organic texture of the paper.

Because they can be quite fragile, we recommend that your unique watercolour painting be framed by a professional framer. They are best hung away from direct sunlight and damp.

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