Malcolm Maloney Jagamarra designs the Central Art Logo

 Malcolm Jagamarra 2009 Digimarc.

The symbol on the left is a churinga, which is a sacred object associated with legends, chants and ceremonies.  - this is the foundation of the Dreaming stories.

The white dots are representation of the many stories in Aboriginal art.

The red and yellow symbols represent boomerangs, which also represent the two letters in our name - Central Art.

The C shape symbolises a 'throwing boomerang ( Our artwork migrates). The other shape symbolises a 'non-returning boomerang' (our artwork is retained). Each artwork takes the same journey as our boomerangs.

Malcolm put these three icons within a circle to represent the completeness of the cycles and used natural and traditional ochre colours.

This design my Malcolms was very much a community affair. He discussed the designs with his Warlpiri family and he gained permission to use significant Aboriginal symbols. Every family member contributed to the discussion and design until they were happy that the logo reflected Central Art and their values. A true reflection of Australian Aboriginal custom.

Aboriginal word glossary