Australian Indigenous Art Trade Association


AIATA  - What do we do ?

The association provides information to members and advocates the views of members to government, industry and the media. The association was formed in 1998 following a meeting of representatives from many different industry groups across the country. The aim was to build a truly national organisation with strong code of ethics.

The purposes of AAAA in our constitution include:

  • To foster a commitment to excellence in product, presentation and service in the sale of Indigenous artworks throughout Australia and overseas.
  • To foster consumer confidence in those dealing in Australian Indigenous arts and craft.
  • To promote honesty and integrity in dealings between the public, museums, Indigenous artists, their representatives and dealing in Indigenous art.
  • To develop, promote and uphold the Code of Ethics of the Association.
  • To enhance the professional standing of the Members by compelling observance of strict rules of conduct and by requiring a high standard of knowledge of Indigenous art, as a condition of membership.

Sabine Haider, the director of Central Art - Aboriginal Art Store  was appointed as a Director of the Association in August 2008  and served as Vice President for a number of years before being appointed as President in 2012. The nine years served the Association have been characterised by Sabine's tireless efforts to move the Association forward, the empathy she has shown and the support to President during her Vice Presidency and her dedication to ensuring the Association operated with a human face during her Presidency.

Sabine dedicated a lot of time to developing and improving relationships with peak industry bodies such as Desart and the Indigenous Art Code, together with growing strong relations with the Department of Arts. Members today enjoy the dividents  from Sabine's efforts in that she has been a big contributor. On the 21 April 2017 resigned as President. 

Sabine Haider has been elected as the AAAA representative on the Indigenous Art Code board on the 28th April 2017.

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