Indigenous Art Code


Central Art is an approved signatory of the Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of conduct. Gallerist and director Sabine Haider is a keen champion of ethical practice in the Aboriginal art industry and sees the voluntary Code of Conduct as a way of helping to achieve that.

Through her membership of the association Art.Trade Sabine contributed to the development of the code and energetically promotes it to her fellow art dealers. Central Art conducts all of its dealings according to the code’s guidelines. This includes full certification of all artworks sold through Central Art.

Central Art is committed to Aboriginal artists having control over the production and marketing of their work. While understanding and respecting the preference of many artists for working within the art centre environment, the company also appreciates the independence of those who

choose to deal directly with private galleries. Central Art believes strongly in artists being able to exercise that choice, an empowering experience for them.

Central Art also knows that its clients are anxious to be reassured about the authenticity and commercial fairness of what is being offered for sale. Provisions like the code’s artwork agreements and certificates for work purchased directly from artists are seen as helpful tools in the development of an industry of high repute.

Sabine Haider spends a lot of time with the artists she works with, ensuring that they understand their artwork agreements. This is not just a matter of understanding the agreement’s terms. Sabine wants the artists to understand the kind of business decisions that influence the ultimate price of work Central Art may sell.

The Code of Conduct adopted and promoted by Central Art is a way of helping stamp out practices that exploit artists and besmirch the industry that has grown out of their deep cultural commitment and creative brilliance.

In brief, Code signatories are required to:

• Ensure that the artist clearly understands the terms on offer and provide a written artwork proposal to the artist which outlines these terms before an agreement is and a written record of what was agreed.

• Respect the cooling off period rights of the artist. • Be transparent and responsive in regard to payments.

• Provide true information about the authenticity and provenance of the work. • Supply a Code certificate for any work that is purchased directly from the Artist.

• Respect Indigenous cultural practices and artist's rights. • Take proper care of artworks in their possession.

• Provide reports to the artists on progress with sales and other details regarding their work • Adhere to compliance and complaint handling procedures.

For further information please refer to the official website Indigenous Australian Art Commercial Code of conduct

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