• Artwork:Storm Cloud
  • Artist:Christine Nakamarra Curtis
Aboriginal Designed Scarf

Storm Cloudby Christine Nakamarra Curtis

The original painting inspiring this silk print is titled Ngapa Jukurrpa (Water Dreaming) or Storm Cloud. It depicts the Dreamtime story of how smoke rising from a fire formed a large storm cloud. A bird carried the storm cloud to the west where is fell to the ground as rain. 

  • Artist:Christine Nakamarra Curtis
  • Title:Storm Cloud
  • ID:MFAS010019
  • Medium:Print on Silk
  • Size:67 x 180 cm
  • Region:Yuendumu, Central Australia


Christine Nakamarra Curtis comes from Yuendumu Community approximately 290km from Alice Springs in Central Australia. Her family is rich with artist talent including her parents Kelly Napanangka Michaels and Roy Jupurrurla Curtis. She is the eldest of 7 sisters. Christine began painting with Warlukurlangu Artists at Yuendumu in 2007, she depicts her grandparents Dreaming on her mother's side which relate directly to her homelands including its features, plants and animals. 

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