• Artwork:Gumnut & Quongdong Necklace
  • Artist:Cleonie Quayle
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Gumnut & Quongdong Necklaceby Cleonie Quayle

This beautiful gumnut and quongdong necklace is made using natural materials. Australian Eucalyptus gumnuts to make jewellery with a contemporary twist using gemstone and beads. The artwork design depicts the environment, landscape, healing circles or nature. it illustrates that Australian Aboriginal art whilst it is the oldest tradition is capable of shifting and moving with the time.

  • Artist:Cleonie Quayle
  • Title:Gumnut & Quongdong Necklace
  • ID:CQ14082575
  • Medium:Gumnut & Quongdong
  • Size:62 x cm Ø
  • Region:South Australia


Cleonie Quayle is a Maljangapa woman of the Pooncarie Paakantj nation. Her traditional country stretches across 147,142 square kilometres across several Australian states including Queensland, New South Wales and South Australia. She is a self employed jewellery maker. She spends her time collecting, crafting and designing Australian Aboriginal Gumnut and Quongdong jewellery. She continues the ancient Aboriginal traditional of using natural materials and fibres such as Australian Eucalyptus Gumnuts to craft jewellery whilst adding a contemporary twist into her necklaces using gemstones and beads.

Her Jewellery connects the environment, landscape, healing circles and nature throughout her unique creations. It is through her craftsmanship that it is evident that whilst Australian Aboriginal art and culture is one of the oldest traditions in the world but it also capable of moving forward and evolving.

Cleonie’s necklaces have been showcase in various exhibitions including Indigenous Fashion Week, NAIDOC Exhibitions and through Tali gallery.

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