Hazel Morton Kngwarreye

  • Skin Name:Kngwarreye/ Ngwarrai
  • Language:Alyawarre
  • Region:Utopia, Central Australia
  • Dreaming:Alpeyt, Awelye & Mpwelarr Dreamings
Hazel Morton Kngwarreye


  • Brody, A. (1990) Utopia: A Picture Story, 88 Silk Batiks from the Robert Holmes a Court Collection. Heytesburg Holdings Ltd. Perth, Western Australia.


  • Art Gallery of South Australia.
  • National Gallery of Australia.
  • The Holmes á Court Collection.
  • The Kelton Foundation.
  • Mbantua Gallery Permanent Collection.


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  • 1990, “Utopia – A Picture Story”, touring Eire and Scotland.
  • 1989, “Utopia Women’s Paintings, The First Works on Canvas”, S.H. Ervin Gallery, Sydney.


  • 1991, Selected Entrant, 8th National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Darwin.
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