• Artwork:Waterhole Shadows
  • Artist:Josette Young
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Waterhole Shadowsby Josette Young

The front cover of this note book is an reproduction image of an artwork titled Water Shadows by Aboriginal artist Josette Young. The design refers to waterhole, wild flowers, bush seeds, Dreaming sites and many other significant elements connected to the artists country of Ltyentye Apurte in central Australia.

  • Artist:Josette Young
  • Title:Waterhole Shadows
  • ID:AB003
  • Medium:Hard cover A5 size, approx 112 lined pages
  • Size:16 x 22 cm
  • Region:Ltyentye Apurte, Central Australia


Josette Young Perrule was born on the 28th September 1961 at Yambah Station in Central Australia. She lives in Santa Teresa Community, just an hour outside of Alice Springs.

Josette is one of the original artists from Santa Teresa who was involved in the development of the Keringke Arts Centre, which was built in 1987. Her painting style is consistent with the other women from the art centre who create intricate and detailed fine dotting with an explosion of colour. This particular style has been called, “Keringke”. Josette’s paintings create imagery which has been likened to a cosmic view of the night sky. Her Dreamings include Apmwe and Kwatye.

Since the Keringke Art Centre’s inception in 1987, Josette has become a senior artist and has assisted, trained and supported many of the new up and coming artists from the area particularly with the use of colour, technique and style.

Josette has participated in over 30 group exhibitions around Australia, New Zealand and the USA through her 20 year art career. In 2007 she was also given recognition of her beautiful and intricate paintings by having one of her artworks reproduced by JB Books as a blank journal cover.

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