• Artwork:Ininti Seed Earrings
  • Artist:Leonie Campbell
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Ininti Seed Earringsby Leonie Campbell

These delightful hand crafted earrings created by Aboriginal artist Leonie Campbell are made from Acacia seeds (brown seeds) and Ininti seeds.

Jewellery making can be a seasonal occupation because the materials required are found in the natural environment and are only available at particular times of the year in certain desert regions. The seeds are collected by Aboriginal women and children traditionally when searching for bush tucker using their knowledge of the land.

  • Artist:Leonie Campbell
  • Title:Ininti Seed Earrings
  • ID:LC0903069
  • Medium:Ininti Seeds
  • Size:2 cm
  • Region:Alice Springs, Central Australia


Leonie Campbell is an Aboriginal woman from Alice Springs in Central Australia. She is a unique artist who specialises in jewellery making. This is an important part of Aboriginal culture and particular for women who would often spend countless hours collecting seeds.

Necklaces were traditionally worn by both men and women during rituals and ceremonies which focused on sexuality and fecundity. The string or hair (which was often used traditionally) that the necklace is made from is of equal importance and value as it symbolises the relatedness of particular people and families. When the necklace is worn it represents part of the land and connects the wearer to that land.

Each necklace, bracelet or set of earrings made by Leonie comprises of gumnuts, acacia seeds or Ininti seeds. Not only must Leonie hand collect all of the seeds and nuts used in her jewellery but then she must painstakingly prepare them. Leonie has shared that Gumnut seeds need to be collected while they are still green, she then sorts them, cleans them, they then need to be dried. Once dry a hole is created through the seed, traditionally this was done using a hot wire; this hole is where the string or hair can be threaded.

Using acrylic paints Leonie then decorates each seed with Aboriginal iconography and symbols or patterns, these symbols can have multiple meanings which refer to Dreamings. The painted Gumnuts then need to be lacquered with high gloss.
Leonie has been crafting jewellery since 1976 and although she did stop for 10 years, she recommenced in 1996. She was featured in the exhibition “Art on a String” which toured Australia in 2001. The exhibition was so successful that a book was created to illustrate the importance and talent many Aboriginal jewellery makings have. The book, titled “Art on a String: Aboriginal Threaded Objects from the Central Desert and Arnhem Land” shares an interview with Leonie and displays some of her creations.

Without a doubt Leonie is a talented artist, she is also one of Central Art’s most popular jewellery makers with many of her necklaces and bracelets selling very quickly.

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