• Artwork:Ininti Seed Bracelet
  • Artist:Louanna Williams
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Ininti Seed Braceletby Louanna Williams

Jewellery such as necklaces as well as paintings are an extremely important component in Aboriginal culture. Traditionally it was customary for necklaces to be worn by both men and women during ceremonies relating to sexuality and fecundity. This is one of the few practices of special significance which is maintained in contemporary Aboriginal culture.

Women and children gather seeds and pods for necklace making while searching for bush tucker using their traditional knowledge. Gum nut seeds are collected while they are still green, they are sorted, cleaned, dried and then drilled or poked using hot wire to create beads for necklace making.This necklace is made of Gum nuts and Ininti seeds.

They are taken home and lacquered, using acrylic paint geometric patterns are added to the Gum nut seeds such as concentric circles which represent camp sites, curved lines which represent rain or underground water, or straight lines which represent routes to camp sites or places of significance, or U shapes which represent people. Aboriginal artists apply this basic set of symbols which can have multiple meanings depending on there context to their artworks to tell stories of the dreamtime.

  • Artist:Louanna Williams
  • Title:Ininti Seed Bracelet
  • ID:LW0907133
  • Medium:Ininti Seeds
  • Size:8 cm
  • Region:Ltyentye Apurte, Central Australia


Louanna Williams comes from Santa Teresa Community which is approximately 1 hour from Alice Springs in Central Australia. Louanna crafts jewellery using Ininti Seeds and Gumnuts found throughout the desert in Central Australia.

Jewellery making can be a painstaking activity that requires immense patience and time. Louanna collects all the seeds by hand and this can take hours to collect hundreds of seeds and nuts. Her final products are crafted using traditional jewellery making practices. First of all once she can collected the seeds, she will dry them out and then heat a piece of wire to pierce the centre of the seed in order to thread string or wool through. She also uses hot wire to create markings on the larger Gumnuts using traditional iconography such as Emu tracks. Louanna will also paint some of her seeds.

Traditionally both men and women would wear necklaces and other jewellery during ceremonies which relate to sexuality and fecundity.

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