Paddy Japaljarri Sims

  • Skin Name:Japaljarri
  • Language:Warlpiri
  • Region:Yuendumu, Central Australia
  • Dreaming:Warlu , Fire, Yiwarra (Milky Way), Ngarlkirdi/Warna (witchety grub/snake), Yanjirlpirri (star).

Artist has Passed Away


Out of respect for Aboriginal culture Central Art has removed the artist's photograph.


Aboriginal art including Dreaming: The Art of Aboriginal Australia, The Asia Society Galleries, New York, 1988; The Continuing Tradition, Australian National Gallery, Canberra, 1989; Mythscapes: Aboriginal Art of the Desert, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, 1989; Lete Australian Montpellier, Musee Fabre, France, 1990.

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