• Artwork:Rainbow Lights
  • Artist:Rosina Ryder
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Rainbow Lightsby Rosina Ryder

The cover of this gorgeous notebook features an reproduction image of an artwork painted by known Aboriginal artist Rosina Ryder. The title of this artwork is called Rainbow Lights. The style and colour reflects what the Keringke artists from Central Australia convey in their work. These shapes and designs may have features common to ancient rock art and petroglyph designs found throughout the traditional country of Eastern Arrernte. Some designs may reflect sand and body paintings. Most commonly, in this contemporary form, the art is not attributed to any particular thing, but expresses the life world of the particular artist. The Eastern Arrernte cultural identity includes a dreaming, a skin name, a place, as well as family name, language, and community. These things are not necessarily reflected in the design or outcome of each painting.

  • Artist:Rosina Ryder
  • Title:Rainbow Lights
  • ID:AB020
  • Medium:Hard cover A5 size, approx 112 lined pages
  • Size:16 x 22 cm
  • Region:Ltyentye Apurte, Central Australia


Rosina Ryder was born in 1974 at Ltyentye Apurte in Central Australia..Since Rosina was young girl she always wanted to paint and to know and learn more about paint and brushes etc.

Rosina is represented by the Keringke Arts at Ltyentye Apurte, where she not only paints for the art Centre, but helps other artists with mixing of colours and ensuring they have their art materials. Rosina completed an Indigenous Leadership training in 2009, and has represented the Keringke Arts at several Indigenous conferences.

In 2010 Rosina was elected chair of the Keringke Committee, in 2011 she became Keringke Arts assistant manager.

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