• Artwork:Clapsticks
  • Artist:Shane Gala Forrester
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Clapsticksby Shane Gala Forrester

These clap sticks have an incredible sound. They have been hand-crafted out of Mulga wood, intended to play music. As an ancestral instrument which traditionally accompanies the didgeridoo, it is sometimes referred to as music stick. In the language of the Yolngu Aborigines of North-east Arnhem Land, Australia, these clap sticks are called bimli and are used to keep time with the playing of the didgeridoo.

In Central Australia where didgeridoo is not traditionally played the clapsticks help Aboriginal people chants to keep a rhythm during ceremonies. For clap sticks to work one stick is rounded, while the other is flattened.

  • Artist:Shane Gala Forrester
  • Title:Clapsticks
  • ID:SF12035206
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:30 cm
  • Region:Alice Springs, Central Australia


Shane Gala Forrester is a local Aboriginal man from Central Australia. Shane specialises in crafting hand made implements such as tools or weapons, which includes many types of Boomerangs, Spears, Coolamon's and Digging sticks.

Shane has in depth knowledge about his Aboriginal heritage and enjoys passing on that knowledge on ceremony, creation stories, mythology and story telling.

He is very talented didgeridoo player and traditional dancer. Shane has made exclusively for Central Art a small collection of clap sticks and other weapons made from Mulga wood.

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