• Artwork:Hunting Boomerang
  • Artist:Terrence Clyne
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Hunting Boomerangby Terrence Clyne

This particular hand crafted boomerang is called a Number 7 (Shaped like a 7) and has been smeared with ochre from Central Australia. Ochre was the most important painting material used traditionally by Aboriginal people. The ochre on this boomerang comes from" Two Women Dreaming" at a site in Watarraka in central Australia. Permission must be sought from the women before entering the ochre pits. It is respectful for country to rub ochre onto the body and leaving it overnight. Hunting boomerangs are known as Central Desert throw sticks. These throw sticks are non returning boomerang and attracts names such as, Swan Neck, Beck or Number 7.

These unusual throw sticks were used for fighting, ceremonial purposes and sometimes for hunting Emus. The Aboriginal hunter would dress up in a grass suit and hold the throw stick up to simulate the neck, head and beak of an Emu. This camouflage allowed an Aboriginal men to get closer to the Emu so that the large bird could be speared. Most of the Swan Neck throw sticks that are sold are larger than this one and are covered with red ochre because they were used for ceremonial purposes. This crafted boomerang has been made from Mulga wood

  • Artist:Terrence Clyne
  • Title:Hunting Boomerang
  • ID:TC11105197
  • Medium:Mulga Wood
  • Size:78 cm
  • Region:Watarrka, Central Australia


Terrence was born in Alice Springs on the 29th of January 1985, however his homelands is Watarrka Terrence resides at the Ulpanyali community, which was many opportunities to develop livelihoods and share their knowledge.

Terrence from an early age had the opportunities to watch skilfully his father and grandfathers make traditional weapons.

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